Friday, February 7, 2014

Five on Friday

1. I don't think it is ever going to stop snowing or get warm again. This is literally the longest winter ever. I am no longer taking pictures of the snow, the kids playing in the snow or anything related to the snow. It's just repetitious at this point.

2. Last night's conversation between Bryce and Brody:
Bryce: Do you know you have more pizza on your face than you do your plate?
Brody: Do you know that I'm going to punch you in your eye?
{He will, the kid is ruthless.}

3. Jackson and 3 other boys at school are in an advanced reading program at school. He was telling about their newest project work:
Jackson: So there's this program called Powerpoint-it's awesome. We can add pictures and words to tell a story.
Me:  I can help you with that-I use that a LOT at work.
Jackson:  That's okay, Mom. I'm really good at it. I'm the graphics guy.
He's nine.

4. I just downloaded the EverNote App and I think it is pretty much the best thing EVER. I can take notes in meetings, use it for Master Club lessons, keep the kids' sports schedules all electronically. So much love.

5. In June I will be the proud aunt of a NIECE!!!!! You guys, I'm finally getting a girl to dress up!?! I see so much pink in her future...{tutus, American Girls, Barbies, Cabbage Patch Kids, so many things I actually know about!}...counting down the days until Gracyn's arrival!

Have a great weekend. It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one, but they are calling for more snow around these parts...hope it's warmer where you are. :)

Monday, January 6, 2014

lists with friends : week 1

My scrapbook friend, Mary Jo, has a cool new feature on her blog called Lists With Friends. Essentially, it's intended to help you capture memories in the form of lists throughout the year.
I thought I'd play along. :)

I'm a huge fan of technology, in fact everyone in my house is. All of the boys have an iPod touch and we all love all things Apple (well, maybe not the husband, but the rest of us are firmly Apple peeps.)  This week's list is inspired by Moose, who found his iPod touch after it being lost for 5 months! He was so excited it was like Christmas morning all over again!

(Disclaimer: Sometimes my lists will be weird random stuff like this, sometimes they will be scrapbook related, sometimes they will be kid related. I love lists.)

This Week's List -- Apps We Can't Live Without:

1. Facebook/Twitter-love it or hate it, I can't help it. I just NEED to check it a couple of times a day.

2. The Weather Channel-the weather app that comes with an iPhone is fine, but this app is awesome. I have 3 cities set up on it-Fairfield (where we live), Chicago (where my agency for my old job was), and Destin, Fl (where I dream of living).

3. Instagram- I take a lot of pictures, and I like making them look fancy.

4. Waze- I've been at my new job for about a month and I've gotten lost 3 times coming back from lunch. This app has helped me find my way back. It also helps me avoid traffic and suggests alternate routes. Love.

5. AtTask- Project management software app. I manage a bunch of different projects with lots of timelines-this helps me keep it all straight.

6. Clash of Clans- this is a game. I could lie and say it's for my sons but I won't. I'm currently building a level 8 Town Hall and I will destroy your clan if you try to attack my base. You've been warned.

7.Plants vs Zombies- another game. This one really is for the boys. Especially the 5 year old boy. He loves it.

8. Two Peas/Micheal's- I still scrapbook, and these are two of the best apps for inspiration and product info.

9. Shazam- have you ever heard a song and said man I wish I knew who sang that? No more with this app. You just tap the app, hold it up to the music, and bam! it will tell you the artist and send you to iTunes to buy it-genius!

10. ESPN ScoreCenter-because I NEED to know when our Wildcats are playing and if they are winning. Anytime, anywhere.

There you have it, my first Lists with Friends-hoping this will be a weekly feature on the blog. If you want to join us, grab the button and link up below in the comments or on Mary Jo's blog.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ten on tuesday

1. It's the last day of 2013! Super excited to see what the new year brings. I feel like so much has changed in our lives in the last year or so. Can't wait to see what's ahead.

2. Chuck and I went out for my birthday Saturday night. We went to Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse. We've had a gift card to use there for 3 years. Yes, we do get out a lot, why do you ask?

3. We had just gotten our food when a waiter came by and ask Chuck if he wanted a box for his food. I guess he didn't think he'd finish it? Later on that same waiter walked past our table and mumbled "Uh-huh" under his breath. I told Chuck it was because he was getting a box for his leftovers. (Would've been funnier if he'd have said "Nailed it!" but I'll take the "Uh-huh")

4. We're gearing up for high sports season around here-Jarron and Jackson have basketball games pretty much every Saturday until March and Bryce starts indoor lacrosse. Free time, it was nice knowing you.

5. I'm going to be the world's oldest bridesmaid this June. My sweet friend Amanda is getting married and graciously asked me to be in her wedding. I'm honored to do it but I'm half afraid the dress shops are going to think I'm her mother.

6. I'm also going to be an aunt again this June. I can't tell you how excited and happy I am. When my brother texted me with the news (yes, he told me he and his wife were expecting via a text message photo of the positive pregnancy test), I literally screamed with joy. We'll find out in late January if we will remain an all boys club or if I'll finally get to take someone to the American Girls store.

7. I really, really, really love my new job. A lot. Just wanted to share that.

8. We have officially entered the vacation planning season. I can't wait to see where we will decide to go. We've gone to Destin the past three years. I wouldn't be too terribly sad to end up there again.

9. Jackson was telling me last night how much he has enjoyed being home every day for Christmas vacation. "Sleeping in, no school, no homework. This is the life." Moose looked over at him from his bed, smirked, and said, "This is my life every day. It's pretty awesome to be me." Ha ha. Yes, yes it is.

10. Happy New Year, friends! Hope that you have a safe and happy evening with the ones you love.
See you in 2014...